Policies at The Belmont School of Ballet


The registration fee of $60.00 and the first and last month’s tuition is due upon registration of each student. Enrollment in the Belmont School of Ballet is for the 2022- 2023 school year. Students will be charged for the classes they have been registered for, and whether classes have been attended. A Registration Change form must be submitted to the business office 30 days before a schedule change or withdrawal. We will not accept verbal or electronic requests for a change in schedule or withdrawal.

Class Attendance

Attending class is the responsibility of each student. It is important to attend all classes to progress with training. Classes missed due to sickness, school holidays, and other obligations may be made up in another class. Classes missed due to ballet examinations, rehearsals, performances, or other unavoidable events will be rescheduled. Please inform us if you will be missing a lesson. Students are expected to arrive at the school in time for the start of their class. In the interest of injury prevention, the school reserves the right to have students who are tardy observe the class. Credit or refunds will not be given for classes not attended.

Online Classes Due to Health Concern

Should it become necessary to close the studio due to a state-wide health concern (such as Covid-19), classes will switch to online classes, such as Zoom. The annual tuition includes in-studio and online classes, should they become necessary. A registration change form is required to drop online classes. It may be submitted electronically if the studio is not open. The 30-day drop policy will be waived for the first 14 days from the first online class. After the 14-day grace period, all registration change forms will include the 30-day drop policy. The 14-day grace period applies only to new online classes created in the case of a state-mandated/health-concern studio closure.

Class Attire

Please respect the traditions and art of dance and follow the dress codes. Students are required to be properly dressed for all classes. Street clothes should be worn over ballet attire when coming to and from class. Dance shoes should never be worn outside as this brings dirt onto the dance floor as well as wears out shoes quicker.

All female ballet students are required to wear the uniform leotard for the class level, ballet pink tights, and pink leather ballet shoes.

Hair should be neatly tied back into a bun. Short hair can be pulled back off the face with a headband. Please provide your child with the necessary items to put her hair up.
Teachers will happily assist. The Boutique has emergency bun kits available for $1.00.

No skirts except by permission of the teacher; dancers are expected to ask the teacher if it is acceptable to wear a skirt. Dancers should not just wear a skirt into class unless in pre-ballet to primary, in which a skirt is part of the uniform.

The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus includes character work which requires a black character skirt and character shoes for students in grade I and above.

Tap students wear black tap shoes, uniform ballet leotard, studio-approved black jazz pants, and Black BSB t-shirt.

Jazz students wear black jazz shoes, studio approved black jazz pants, uniform ballet leotard Black BSB t-shirts.

Modern students wear the approved uniform leggings, ballet class uniform leotard and Black BSB t-shirt.

Boys wear navy or black shorts, a white t-shirt and socks, and black shoes.

Students not properly dressed for class may be asked to sit and watch. Excessive disrespect for uniform policy may result in a request for a Parent Teacher Conference Please respect the traditions and art of dance and follow the dress codes.

Official uniform leotards, tights and shoes can be purchased in The Ballet Boutique.

Code of Conduct

Students at the Belmont School of Ballet are expected to show exemplary behavior by:

  • Being respectful of all students and teachers. Physical or verbal abuse, including “name calling” or “bullying,” is not tolerated.
  • Avoiding excessive talking during class, playing around, or not participating in the class. Disrupting the class is distracting and makes it difficult for our teachers and students to continue the class.
  • Showing respect for the studio property and the property of other students.
  • Making sure all classmates feel included. We ask that if a student wishes to hand out party invitations or holiday gifts/cards, please be sure to include every dancer in the class. If you need to limit the invitations, gifts, or cards to just a select few, the studio requests that you give them outside of the studio.

If a student does not abide by these rules, the teachers reserve the right to dismiss the student from the class until they can use appropriate behavior. The studio will not refund tuition for classes missed due to inappropriate behavior

Make Up Classes

We encourage students to make up missed lessons so that they will not get behind. We ask that you call the office if you plan to attend a make-up class. Please makeup classes within 30 days of the missed lesson.

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, messages will be posted on social media and on the studio phone stating if we will be holding classes. Additionally, an email will be sent unless there is a loss of power, and it is not possible to do so. We do not necessarily follow the school system. Classes missed due to weather will not be rescheduled, but you are welcome to make them up in another class.

Parent Teacher Communication

Teachers are always happy to speak with you! However, we ask that families call or email the office to schedule a convenient time for a conference. We kindly ask that you not stop teachers between classes to talk, as this delays the start of the next class.

Important news will be emailed monthly to inform you of upcoming events. Additionally, important dates will be posted on the website. Please make sure we have a current email for you. If you are not receiving emails, please contact the business office. Notices will be posted on the bulletin board beside the office. Please check frequently.


All students and their families are asked to please respect the facilities.
No food or drink is allowed in the studio. Adequate supervision should be provided for siblings. Please check that you have all your belongings before you leave. Clothes left for more than a few weeks will be taken to a donation center. There is a toy box in the lobby with various items for children to play with. Please return the items to the toy box when your child is finished. Please throw away your trash. Large items and soiled diapers should be taken to the outside trash bins behind the building. Please do not allow children to swing on the curtains of the dressing area!


No dance or portion of choreography/class may be posted in its entirety on any social media outlet or website without permission from the school director.


The Recital is the end of the year performance highlighting all of our students. Participation is encouraged. We assume you will be participating in the recital unless written notice is given to the office prior to October 1, 2023. Otherwise the family accounts will be charged with the appropriate fees. These fees will be due during the current billing cycle.


Fees are per student based on an annual fee calculated on the number of classes registered. Families are responsible for the entire year. Tuition is based on an annual fee and there are three payment options:

  • One payment to be paid in full by August 22ns. Yearly payments reflect a discount if paid by the due date.
  • Two payments to be paid by August 22nd and January 20th. Semester payments reflect a discount if paid by the due date.
  • Ten equal payments with Payments 1 and 10 due at registration or by August 22nd. The remaining eight payments are due by the 20th of each month as follows: Payment 2 is due 9/20, Payment 3 is due 10/20, Payment 4 is due 11/20, Payment 5 due 12/20, Payment 6 due 1/20, Payment 7 due 2/20, Payment 8 due 3/20, Payment 9 due 4/20.

PLEASE NOTE: This 10-payment option is not based on monthly tuition; it is a payment plan based on the annual tuition cost.

A $25 late fee will be applied to the account if payment is not received by the due date. Please get in touch with the business office if a situation arises. Tuition is not prorated and is non-refundable.
Fee Schedule:

Annual Registration Fee $60.00 per student
Individual Class $20.00
Private Lessons: Studio fee $30.00 per hour plus instructor fee.
Questions concerning payments should be directed to businessoffice@Belmontballet.com.

Costume and Recital Fees

A costume deposit of $75.00 per costume is required. The remaining costume balances are billed in March and will be due by a date to be determined based on the delivery of the costumes.

Recital Performance fees are due October 15 as follows:
$95.00 per student – $170.00 per family

Performance fees and costume deposits are non-refundable.
Costumes will not be distributed until all fees for the year are paid in full. Costumes cannot be returned.


Written notice must be given to the business office if a dancer decides to withdraw. Otherwise, tuition will still accrue even if the dancer is not in attendance.